Our Vision

RECOFTC’s vision is empowered local people are effectively and equitably engaged in the sustainable management of forested landscapes.


RECOFTC’s mission is to enhance capacities for stronger rights, improved governance and fairer benefits for local people in sustainable forested landscapes in the Asia and the Pacific region.

All our work is guided by three principles: 

  • Strong and secure rights are essential to strengthen rural livelihoods and ensure healthier forests in Asia and the Pacific. Local people must have strong and clear tenure rights over forests.
  • Good governance is necessary to ensure strong and secure rights and fair benefits for local people. Decisions about forests must be participatory, transparent, accountable and enforceable.
  • A fair share of benefits for local people from forest conservation, management and development. While many existing forest management practices provide short-term economic gains to a privileged few, community forestry secures a range of long-lasting benefits for the people who need them the most.

What we do

RECOFTC focuses on four interlinked thematic areas: Securing Community Forestry; Enhancing Livelihoods and Markets; People, Forests and Climate Change; and Transforming Forest Conflicts. Within these thematic areas, RECOFTC also includes emerging issues including landscape approaches, food security, water security and biomass energy security. Our work includes:

  • Analysis and action research
  • Project design, development, and management
  • Expert consultancy and evaluation
  • Support of grassroots networks to increase voice, influence, and agency
  • An online knowledge hub, social networking and a monthly e-newsletter
  • High quality publications and interactive learning tools
  • Training, accommodation and meeting facilities
  • A Bangkok-based Community Forestry Knowledge Center

As a capacity development organization, RECOFTC conducts training courses and study tours to key demonstration sites and develops the capacities of organizations, policy makers, practitioners and forest users to make community management of forests more effective. Our courses and study tours expand participants’ existing skills and knowledge by introducing new concepts and innovations and exploring issues through case study analysis, field visits and expert presentations. We use an ‘experiential learning’ approach that is based on the premise that people learn best through experience and reflection. We offer both custom-designed training programs as well as open-subscription courses.

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