Gender in Community Forestry

Mainstreaming a gender perspective

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Gender in Community Forestry

Mainstreaming gender

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For people and forests

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Community forestry for adaptation to climate change

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Improving grassroots equity in forests and climate change context: a training manual

July 2014

This training manual provides guidance to train grassroots facilitators to better engage all stakeholders and to promote equity in forest-based climate change and forest management practices and interventions. Its main premise is to extend the practice and process of active participation towards effective engagement, through which equity can be improved. More

Innovations in Community Carbon Accounting and Forest-land Management in Karen Villages in Northern Thailand

June 2014

This research was conducted to develop methods for integrating simple scientific techniques with indigenous knowledge and best practices on locally appropriated adaptation and mitigation actions (LAAMAs) in forest land management and to initiate integrated forest-land-carbon management in two indigenous communities in Northern Thailand. More

Current status of Social Forestry in climate change adaptation and mitigation in ASEAN region

May 2014

This report aims to update the initial Baseline Assessment on Social Forestry and Climate Change, published in 2010 by RECOFTC - The Center for People and Forests as part of its collaboration with the ASEAN Social Forestry Network. More


Training on community forestry as a strategy for adaptation to climate change

18 August 2014

This course aims to apply a holistic approach toward climate change adaptation by integrating community-based climate change adaptation, community forestry planning and climate-proofing techniques. More

Training on community-based forest biomass monitoring

28 April 2014

Developing the capacity of trainers to engage local communities with simple techniques to monitor forest biomass More

Thailand multi-stakeholder group pushes for stronger cooperation and integrated approach in community forestry

19 March 2014

A national forum on community forestry will be held today, March 19, 2014 followed by a two-day meeting from March 20-21, 2014 to develop a strategy and promote multi-stakeholder cooperation in developing community forestry in Thailand. More

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VIDEO: The Third Regional Forum for people and forest: On November 19-20, 2013 in Bangkok, Thailand, The Third Regional Forum for People and Forests brought together more than 100 people from governments, civil society organizations, NGOS, UN, academia, donor organizations and local communities from 15 countries in the Asia-Pacific region that are working to ensure local communities are actively engaged in managing forests in the region.

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