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Gender in Community Forestry

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February – April 2014

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Gender in Community Forestry

Mainstreaming gender

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The knowledge and skills needed to engage in REDD+: A competencies framework

April 2014

From forest-dependent communities to government staff, many stakeholders are in need of comprehensive information to effectively engage in the design and implementation of REDD+ activities. Recognizing this need, members of the Alliance for Global REDD+ Capacity (AGRC) have created The knowledge and skills needed to engage in REDD+: a competencies framework, a single reference that enables readers to quickly understand key concepts, policy benchmarks, technical elements, skills, tools and resources for ten specific REDD+ themes. More

Forests and water: A synthesis of the contemporary science and its relevance for community forestry in the Asia–Pacific region

March 2014

There is now a solid body of scientific information for understanding and interpreting the relationships between forests and water in both temperate and tropical regions. More

RECOFTC 2012-2013 Stakeholder Survey Report

March 2014

To seek feedback on how well it is perceived as being effective (as part of its new monitoring and evaluation system), RECOFTC commissioned an independently conducted stakeholder survey near the end of the 2008–2013 Strategic Plan programming. More


Training on community-based forest biomass monitoring

28 April 2014

Developing the capacity of trainers to engage local communities with simple techniques to monitor forest biomass More

Thailand multi-stakeholder group pushes for stronger cooperation and integrated approach in community forestry

19 March 2014

A national forum on community forestry will be held today, March 19, 2014 followed by a two-day meeting from March 20-21, 2014 to develop a strategy and promote multi-stakeholder cooperation in developing community forestry in Thailand. More

Press release: Laos National Forum for People and Forests

06 March 2014

The Laos National Forum for People and Forests is a joint collaboration of the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry and RECOFTC – The Center for People and Forests, with the Ministry of Finland (through SUFORDSU and RECOFTC’s ForInfo project). The National Forum follows the Third Regional Forum for People and Forests - Pathways to Sustainable Livelihoods, held in Bangkok 19-20 November 2013. More

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Forest Governance Learning Group - Vietnam: Video: Although many communities in Vietnam have been managing their forests for centuries, it is only recently that the government has been experimenting with a system of legal ownership at the community level.

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