APFW 2019

Session 4: Thriving community livelihoods

Rattan and livelihoods

“Thriving community livelihoods” argues that the livelihoods of local communities must be placed at the heart of forest landscape management. When community forestry began to emerge in the Asia-Pacific, it aimed to protect threatened forest resources while only meeting the subsistence needs of local communities.

In recent years, we have recognized that communities on the front-line of forest landscape management and restoration must make a meaningful living from their forests. Community forestry provides a means for doing so.

Session 4 examines the challenges of making people-centered forestry a reality, such as land tenure, marginalization, and access to technology. Speakers will invite participants to share evidence and examples of how people-centered forestry enhances local livelihoods and its relationship to forest landscape management. Participants will collectively assess the gaps and challenges that exist in supporting livelihood development. A focus of session 4 will be on private sector engagement.