RECOFTC Indonesia

Reflection workshop on gender mainstreaming at work with WAVES leaders

Feb 18
Indonesia (online)
Makassar enterprise curriculum course in 2017

Through the WAVES (Weaving Leadership for Gender Equality) program, RECOFTC works to strengthen the leadership of more than 35 gender leaders in seven Asian countries. By using a participatory approach and the involvement of all parties, gender leaders will be able to increase their capacities in leadership, gender, forestry and climate change through real and creative actions. With the support of SIDA, the implementation of this program focuses on increasing the leadership and competence of female leaders as well as involving male leaders as allies and supporters of gender equality.

RECOFTC will organize reflection workshops with WAVES gender leaders and partners in Indonesia online. This activity aims to discuss and reflect on achievements / challenges including sharing experiences, lessons, and inspiration from the participants. The results of the discussions in this workshop will contribute to the documentation of events and the production of communication materials.