RECOFTC Indonesia

Preliminary visit to Jambi to start a new program

The RECOFTC Indonesia team conducted a field visit to Jambi and met with various parties to collaborate on the implementation of the Suara Gambut program, a global forest watch project with World Resources Institute and Tempo.

In September 2019, the RECOFTC-Indonesia team conducted a field visit to Jambi province to introduce a new program that will soon be implemented to key stakeholders, study the system / mechanism of forest / land fire warning, and identify gaps.

Salah satu contoh lahan yang terbakar di provinsi Jambi. Foto: Lukman Yazid/RECOFTC
A burning land in Jambi province. ©RECOFTC

This visit also promoted the integration of the Global Forest Watch and Tempo Witness applications in monitoring the Forest Fire Warning and Monitoring System that often occurs in the province. The hope is that by integrating citizen journalism into monitoring forest fires, more forest land can be saved before a fire occurs.

However, before integration can occur, it is necessary to understand the current fire warning mechanism and forest monitoring system. The application mechanism has been used in practice since 2015. Together with the local community, district government, and Forest Management Group (KPH) officials, the visit also identified several villages to serve as pilot project locations and collaborate in partnership.