RECOFTC Indonesia

A tenure coalition for a joint-progress

The Tenure Coalition (Koalisi Penguasaan Lahan) held a coordination meeting to develop implementation strategy for joint-activities in Bogor, Indonesia.
A discussion for a strategic coalition. ©RECOFTC
A discussion for a strategic coalition. ©RECOFTC

RECOFTC Indonesia has joined the Tenure Coalition since 2011 and has consistently promoted fairness of land tenure for forest and indigenous communities, as well as actively developing various social forestry schemes with Hasanuddin University in Bantaeng, South Sulawesi since then.

Tema pertemuan untuk diskusi koalisi yang strategis. ©RECOFTC
Meeting themes for strategic coalition discussion. ©RECOFTC

In 2017, RECOFTC Indonesia participated actively in the Indonesian Tenure Conference, organized by the Ministry of Environment and Forestry (KLHK) and various NGOs focusing on forestry in Jakarta, with the theme of climate change and community entrepreneurship.

As a follow up activity, on 21-22 May 2019, RECOFTC Indonesia attended the International NGO Coalition for Tenure Justice Coordination Meeting to develop a strategy for implementing coalition activities at CICO Resort, Bogor. The meeting was attended by some members of the Land Tenure Coalition, including RECOFTC, ICRAF, Samdhana, NTFP-EP, RMI, HUMA, EPISTEMA, WG-T, AMAN, JKPP, BRWA, IMN, and Akar-Bengkulu.

The purpose of this meeting is to synergize the results and efforts undertaken jointly by various NGOs incorporated in the Land Tenure Coalition; and sharing tasks and roles in implementing activity plans. In the implementation of joint activities later, RECOFTC plays an important role in strengthening capacity and analyzing the competence of coalition members in supporting tenure justice in Indonesia.