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Public Consultation on the Long Term Forest Management Plan of FMU Jeneberang II , South Sulawesi has been held in Bantaeng

Public Consultation on Long Term Forest Management Plan of FMU Jeneberang II was held in Bantaeng and was attended by 54 participants from various stakeholder representatives of the forest area.
Konsultasi Publik KPHL Jeneberang II

On September 29th, 2018, a public consultation on the Long-Term Forest Management Plan (RPHJP) of FMU Jeneberang II South Sulawesi Province was held in Bantaeng District. It was attended by 54 participants consisting of stakeholders’ representatives in and around the FMU Jeneberang II area, including representatives of surrounding village communities, local governments, and local NGOs.

The Center through the Responsible Asia Forestry and Trade partnership program (RAFT) helped in the process of accelerating the preparation of the FMU Jeneberang II’s RPHJP, in collaboration with Balang Institute and Hassanudin University. This multi-stakeholders public consultation was held after a series of coaching clinics and focus group discussions (FGDs) of the parties involved in the planning process.

The purpose of this public consultation is to present a long-term forest management plan as a socialization for the parties in an effort to realize sustainable forest management and community welfare, and to identify the various issues, views and needs of the parties in order to develop synergy and coordination between initiatives, both at the site level and policy makers, towards the implementation of comprehensive and integrated area management.

In his opening remarks, Mr Muhammad Tamzil, the head of South Sulawesi Forestry Agency, expressed about his hopes for the RPHJP must be responsive to changes in the forestry paradigm that has shifted from merely ecological functions to contribution in improving people's welfare.

The public consultation agenda was divided into two sessions, the first session was a presentation of RPHJP draft by the Head of FMU Jeneberang II, Mr, Amri Kamaya. The second session was a group discussion to identify the various problems, views, and needs of the parties. In this public consultation, the parties provided views, input, corrections, and suggestions regarding the draft of the Jeneberang II’s RPHJP. Participatory regional planning preparation ensures that plans can accommodate the aspirations and good coordination between stakeholders.