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22 Feb 2020
Local villagers from around Nam Poui National Protected Area discussed with Agriculture and Forestry Office at the provincial and district level for...
19 Feb 2020
An initiative to expand recognition of local communities’ customary tenure rights across the northern provinces of the Lao People’s Democratic...


Grand Vientiane Hotel, Vientiane Capital, Lao People’s Democratic Republic
ໂຮງຮຽນມັດຖະຍົມສົມບູນ ນາຕານ, ເມືອງພຽງ, ແຂວງ ໄຊຍະບູລີ
Department of Labour and Social Welfare, Xayaboury Province, Lao People’s Democratic Republic

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Talk of the Forest
In 2019, before the COVID-19 pandemic hit the world, Mardha Tillah travelled to Bangkok for a workshop on gender leadership. At that time, she was...
Notes from the Field
Building partnerships among forest communities, the private sector and the government in Lao PDR is challenging work. Witnessing the fruit of that...