Trees and Bees

EVENT UPDATE: Natural Resource Management, Climate Change and Enterprise Development Workshop

The workshop was conducted with the objective to discuss pertinent issues to beekeeping forage area development including nursery management, plantation, conservation and sustainable market linkages of forest products and identifying key lessons learnt and gaps in sustainable natural resources conservation efforts and its output maximization.

One-day stakeholders’ workshop was conducted on 31st of July, 2019 in Sagun Cooperative Hall in Harion-11, of Harion Municipality in Sarlahi on ‘Natural Resource Management, Climate Change and Enterprise Development’. The workshop was successfully completed with 36 participants including representatives from community school, Hariwon Municipality, Division Forest Office (DFO), FECOFUN, Forest and Environment Management Committee of Hariwon Municipality, CFUGs, Ward officials and Media.


Workshop was organized by Municipality of Hariwon, Sarlahi and facilitated by Holistic Development Nepal and supported by RECOFTC.

The specific action agendas finalized from the workshop was to-

  1. Develop appropriate planning and interventions for sustainable utilization of public land, in Harion Municipality,
  2. Jointly explore and share climate change solutions including for conservation of ground water and watershed areas and replenish springs/river systems adjoining Harion municipality,
  3. Implement school education program for natural resource management, climate change solutions and environment conservation
  4. Support in income generation of local populations by developing eco-friendly, and sustainable eco-tourism-based infrastructure through innovative and scientific approach using technology transfers
  5. Coordinate in scientific forest management and nursery management in different parts of the municipality through institutional collaboration.