Trees and Bees

PROJECT INITIATION: Community Nursery Management

The main objective of this project is to support RECOFTC’s Climate Change adaptation initiatives ‘Trees and Bees’ and ‘Mission Butter and Honey’. This project aims to produce plant/tree species related to bee-keeping and developing its forage area to establish apiculture as a major source of household income for poor and vulnerable communities in Hariwon Municipality of Sarlahi.

As a part of RECOFTC’s climate change adaptation initiatives ‘Mission Butter and Honey’ and ‘Trees and Bees’ initiatives 5000 butter tree saplings provided by Holistic Development Nepal [HD Nepal] were planted in Bishnupur and Pragatisil women’s community forests in Sarlahi in June 2018 with an aim to extend bee keeping forage area in Hariwon Municipality. Furthermore 7000 butter tree saplings were planted in Bisaunidada women’s community forest in June 2019 covering approximately 50 hectares of forest land within municipality.

‘Project: Community Nursery Management’ is Nurseryan extension activity of aforementioned initiatives owned by Municipality of Hariwon as an implementing institution through direct financial support; RECOFTC remain as a technical partner of the project providing methodological inputs in nursery establishment, its management and support though technical backstopping wherever required; HD Nepal will be direct implementing partner of the project- responsible for overall management by providing coordination and facilitation support during project span.

Project seeks to launch nursery specialized in producing flowering and non-flowering seedlings and saplings with multiple benefits [e.g. highly marketable and liked by bees for grazing]. Furthermore, the project is seeking to provide a basis for creating stronger institutional networks and market linkages for apiculture and NTFPs related enterprises in the region.

In long run, this project foresees Hariwon Municipality as a core bee keeping area; not only within Sarlahi district but nation as a whole.

The main objectives of the project are:

  1. To establish a nursery facility in order to improve the technical capacity of local populations regarding bee feed-stock and by-products (such as NTFPs) that can be extracted from such plants that are beneficial for beekeeping forage area.
  2. To strengthen the capacity of local smallholder farmers and beneficiary populations in apiculture specifically nursery management and plant production for beekeeping forage area development through training, demonstrations, cross-visits and workshops.
  3. To help increase the income level of local beneficiaries through apiculture and beekeeping forage area development and NTFPs.
  4. To identify and develop prospect beekeeping pocket areas and its forage area development in Hariwon municipality and adjacent areas.