RECOFTC Thailand

Introduction to the Ing Project

30, March 2016
RECOFTC - Thailand Country Program
RECOFTC - Thailand Country Program introduces ING Watershed Project
Talk of the Forest

This is a video introducing “Empowerment of Local Networks and Local Authorities (LAs) for Sustainable Ing Watershed Management (WSM) through Strengthened Capacities and Collaboration” project or “Ing Project” for short. It starts with the history of Ing river and the impacts of threats from outside such as development policy from the government. Therefore, the people who lived near ing river try to find a solution to protect their own home. That is the origin of the project. The specific objective is to empower the local networks for sustainable management of the Ing watershed through enhanced capacities, institutionalized collaboration among local networks and in partnership with Local Administration Organisations (LAOs), and integrated knowledge-based systems. The proposed action will build upon the existing capacities and available resources of local networks. To achieve the objective, this proposed action identifies 3 strategically specific results as follows: 1) Local networks, Ing Watershed People’s Assembly (IWPA), target communities and LAOs are applying knowledge and skills to actively participate in developing socially inclusive and sustainable watershed management plan (WSMP), policy development and implementation. 2) Local networks are institutionalized into the IWPA with increased leverage and collaboration for policy advocacy. 3) Local and scientific knowledge are systematically integrated for practical innovations, utilized to frame policy recommendations and communicated for local network expansion and public awareness on sustainable Ing watershed management (WSM).