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Since 1986, farmers in the Bantaeng region of South Sulawesi, Indonesia have been perfecting the growth of coffee. And now they want to expand and do more.

“We can all live through coffee,” M. Irzad Syafar told The Center for People and Forest (RECOFTC) in 2018 while filming a documentary on the Akar Tani Cooperative in South Sulawesi, Indonesia. In 2016, Syafar was volunteering with coffee farmers in Bantaeng when he realized an issue within the local coffee supply chain. “I noticed that farmers do not have a bargaining position when it comes to their commodities,” Syafar recounted in his interview.

He knew that this practice had to stop, so together with colleagues from the local youth organization, Balang Institute, he established the Akar Tani cooperative. “If we are in a cooperative,” Syafar said, “We can set a price that will not change. Prices will not be lowered.”

Three years later, Akar Tani has continued to grow, with 24 members and an area of over 97 ha. As part of its mission, the cooperative promotes sustainable business practices and works with its farmers to improve the production of coffee, a cultural cornerstone of the Indonesian island. “To ensure sustainability and continuity, all of us should think about the roots of the resources,” Syafar noted.

To do so, however, requires green-minded supporters and responsible consumers who are willing to contribute to Akar Tani’s sustainable business practices. The contributions gained will help Akar Tani include more farmers in the Cooperative and train them on sustainable coffee production. Additionally, the funds will help the Cooperative market and brand their specialty coffee better.

That is why The Center for People and Forests (RECOFTC) is proud to partner with Akar Tani to raise funds for their Cooperative and, more importantly, the local community. By donating through Give2Asia, these funds will help ensure that Bantaeng’s coffee will continue to grow in a sustainable manner while simultaneously enhancing the livelihoods and local entrepreneurship of the region’s communities.

These proceeds will help the Akar Tani Cooperative:

  • Develop marketing and branding of specialty coffee

  • Enhance business development and financial management practices

  • Train more farmers on  agroforestry practices

For more information on the Akar Tani Cooperative, please read some additional articles that tell the personal story of these farmers and the broader history of coffee in Indonesia. Thank you for your contribution!