RECOFTC Indonesia

Global Forest Watch online closing workshop

Aug 25

The project under a title “Enhancing capacity, amplifying citizen voices, and protecting peatlands using Global Forest Watch and VIIRs fire alerts”, aims to develop citizen fire monitoring by using GFW’s Forest Watcher App and VIIRs forest alerts, and build the capacity of local government and communities, while at the same time, mainstreaming tools into current Forest Management Unit (FMU) management and fire prevention practices. Using citizen monitoring and media channels to raise awareness to the public around causes, frequency, and potential mitigation of forest and peatland fires in Tanjung Jabung Barat (Tanjabar), Jambi, Indonesia, the project synergizes with current government initiatives, as well as aim to streamline and enhance communities’ participation and action, in turn strengthening local forest and peatland management.