Community Forestry Library


RECOFTC’s Community Forestry Library is home to more than 10,000 books related to community forestry. It covers all disciplines, including forestry, environment science, sociology, anthropology, political science, history and many more. The library’s cross-disciplinary approach is beneficial for government officials, academics, practitioners and interested members of the general public to learn more about how community forestry can help countries and communities achieve the Sustainable Development Goals for poverty, hunger, environment, climate change and gender. 

RECOFTC’s Community Forestry Library is also integrated into Kasetsart University’s library, one of the premier universities in the world focusing on environmental issues. Kasetsart University’s location in Bangkok, Thailand makes it the perfect area to study community forestry and its larger connection to development in the Asia-Pacific and the world. 

Interested in exploring RECOFTC’s collection?

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Visit the library at Kasetsart University, Thailand.

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