Online Learning

Coinciding with our Learning Resources initiative is a vision to provide educational access to a larger contingency of actors. In recent years, RECOFTC has sought to do this by expanding our internal e-learning capacities through the development of targeted e-learning modules.

RECOFTC is repurposing our rich history of training expertise to fit the needs of a rapidly changing digital landscape. Our strategic plan for online learning includes:

  • Full online instruction that is self paced and/or instructed
  • Blended approach of online and face-to-face instruction
  • Face-to-face training (as traditionally conducted by RECOFTC) to be followed-up with next level training , or mentoring  or support for trainees via e-learning course
  • Online modules on basic forestry topics ( e.g. Community Forestry 101)

USAID LEAF Climate Change Curriculum

In 2015 the USAID LEAF Climate Change Curriculum was placed with RECOFTC, and will soon be moved to a new RECOFTC online learning module.