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1: Kebijakan Reforma Agraria dan Perhutanan Sosial di Indonesia: Refleksi dan Kontekstualisasi Kebijakan Pembangunan Nasional

Publication date21 Nov 2019
Author(s)Gamma Galudra, Eko Cahyono

Kembalinya isu agraria di ranah kebijakan nasional merupakan periode penting setelah berakhirnya Orde Baru. Kebijakan Reforma Agraria dan...

2: Social Forestry and Climate Change in the ASEAN Region

Publication date01 Feb 2017

This report is the third in a series of reports on the status of social forestry and its role in climate change mitigation and adaptation...

3: Grassroots Facilitators as Agents of Change for Promoting Sustainable Forest Management: Lessons Learned from REDD+ Capacity Development in Asia

Publication date01 Nov 2016
Author(s)Chandra S. Silori; Kanchana Wiset; Bishnu H. Poudyal; Than Vu

This journal article discusses the importance of empowering grassroots community to facilitate the sharing of climate change and REDD+...

4: RECOFTC Country Engagement Strategy - Indonesia

Publication date01 Aug 2016

Seventy percent of Indonesia’s land area (128 million ha) is classified as forest land. Estimates of the number of villages located on...

5: Optimizing the Role of Community Forestry to Achieve the Sustainable Development Goals through the ASEAN Cooperation on Food, Agriculture and Forestry

Publication date01 Jun 2016

Community Forestry (CF) can play a fundamental role in achieving nearly all the SDGs through its focus on improving livelihoods,...