EnLiFT Updates: Training on Chainsaw & Site Observation

The project EnLiFT aims to increase fodder in accessible areas so that community will have easy access.

Safe Chainsaw Operation and Maintenance

Mr. Dangal during Chainsaw Training in KavreFollowing up previous training; two days training in Kavrepalanchowk was instigated on 9th April 2019 regarding ‘Safe Chainsaw Operation and Maintenance’ was successfully accomplished on 10th April 2019 with the active participation of 20 trainees under ACIAR’s Enhancing Livelihood from Improved Forest Management in Nepal (EnLiFT) project. Present in event was Dr. Edwin Cedamon; Dr. Naya Sharma Paudel and; Mr. Shambhu Pd. Dangal representing ACIAR, ForestAction Nepal, and RECOFTC respectively.

The training covered safe chain saw operation practice and more importantly safety and efficient management of felled timber, safeguarding the remaining vegetation, safeguarding animal habitats/corridors, social and water conservation.

Field Visit and Observation

The EnLiFT national coordinator, RECOFTC NCP Country Representative and Sub-Division Forest Officer of Kavrepalanchowk visited high altitude forests. Most of the villages were found highly dependent on dairy business and fodder collected from Quarcus forests for their livestock. Availability of Quarcus is depleting rapidly and as a result to get a bundle of fodder, communities have to travel more than 2 hours from their original residence.

The project EnLiFT aims to increase fodder in accessible areas so Forestthat community will have easy access. Four treatments were decided to pilot including i) cleaning and mother trees selection; ii) Removal of very old stump and plantation of wildlings; iii) Simple coppice for promoting coppices and; iv) Plantation of nursery raised seedlings of Quarcus species the first plan was established last year whereas the rest will be established within a year. The decision was passed by general meeting of the community groups.