Trees and Bees
"... this project is intended to strengthen the livelihoods of the community’s most marginalized groups."

नयाँ सूचना

01 Aug 2019
One-day stakeholders’ workshop was conducted on 31st of July, 2019 in Sagun Cooperative Hall in Harion-11, of Harion Municipality in Sarlahi on...
29 Jul 2019
As a part of RECOFTC’s climate change adaptation initiatives ‘Mission Butter and Honey’ and ‘Trees and Bees’ initiatives 5000 butter tree saplings...

रिकफ - नेपालको कार्यक्रमहरू

नयाँ सिकाइहरु

Stories of Change
If someone had asked me about my dream before 3 years, I would have said 8 hours work, tasty food and good clothes for my family. Life was so tough,...
Notes from the Field
In Nepal, 1061 CFUGs are led by women and in Sarlahi district, 7 CFUGs are led by women (MoFSC 2017). Bishnupur Mahila CFUG is one of such women-led...