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Celebrate the Holidays with an Eco-Friendly Feast

25 November 2016, Bangkok, Thailand – RECOFTC – The Center for People and Forests and Sheepshank Public House will host ‘Low Carbon for Christmas’ on 18 December 2016 from 3-6pm, a unique holiday event focused on environmentally conscious food, drink and entertainment. The event, to take place in Bangkok, will focus on preserving the holiday tradition of sharing a meal with family and friends - while being a bit kinder to the planet.

Sheepshank has crafted a tapas and cocktail menu for the event, with ingredients thoughtfully chosen that have a low carbon footprint - a contrast to many resource intense holiday feasts.

Unique menu items include citrus black rice arancini with pickled beetroot, bai yira pesto with cricket pasta and red ant chutney and samosas - that’s right ants and crickets. Although many might squirm at the thought of feasting on creepy crawly cuisine, the reality is nearly 80 percent of world eats bugs regularly - and there are many reasons to join them. As the global population nears 9 billion, agricultural production will need to increase by 70 percent. While meat, especially beef, is incredibly resource intensive, insects can produce the same amount of protein with just one tenth of the resources. And, as will be proven at ‘Low Carbon for Christmas,’ they can be delicious.

The exotic eco-friendly feast will also focus on local and organic produce to further reduce the menu’s carbon ‘food-print’. By cutting down on the distance it takes for food to get to the table and eliminating fertilizers and pesticides from production, fewer greenhouse gases will be emitted for your holiday feast.

While savoring the guilt-free food and drink, guests can enjoy live acoustic blues from local musician Ped Bluesman and watch Spanish street artist, Sath, live-paint an eco-themed painting - which will be the grand prize of the ‘Low Carbon Raffle’. What makes the raffle ‘low carbon’? Proceeds will be donated to RECOFTC’s ‘Trees & Bees, Please!’ - a women-led initiative in Nepal to plant trees and keep bees - meaning each raffle ticket will cover the cost of planting 5 trees and sequester 109 kilograms of carbon a year.

Purchase tickets before 2 December for an early-bird discount price of 800 THB. After 2 December, tickets will be 1000 THB per person. Tickets include all you can eat tapas and two cocktails: