RECOFTC Participates in the 2018 Global Bamboo and Rattan Conference

At the 2018 Global Bamboo and Rattan Conference, Dr. Chandra Silori and Dr. David Ganz announce the launch of RECOFTC's new project, FLOURISH.

Over the course of three days, The International Bamboo and Rattan Organisation, in partnership with Chinese State Forestry Administration, hosted the 2018 Global Bamboo and Rattan Congress in Beijing, China. 

"Our world today faces a set of fundamental challenges," notes the Congress' organizers on the website. "Solving these problems requires a new set of approaches, from people across very different sectors and between countries."

And INBAR believes that bamboo and rattan are key proponents to this new strategy. Acting in accordance with the 2030 SDGs, INBAR has promoted the use of these products in facilitating south-south cooperation, economic prosperity, and sustainable development. 

RECOFTC agrees, which is why Dr. Chandra Silori and Dr. David Ganz announced at the 2018 Congress the launching of RECOFTC's new project: FLOURISH. 

Partnering with INBAR, Technical University Dresden, and Nan Community College, RECOFTC seeks to promote sustainable forest landscape restoration (FLR) by encouraging greater conversation and partnership between local communities, governments and private sectors. 

Working in Thailand, Viet Nam, and Lao PDR, FLOURISH is funded by the Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation, and Nuclear Energy (BMU) under the International Climate Initiative (IKI).