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Linkages Between Community Forestry and Poverty

01 Oct 2004
Don Gilmour, Yam Malla and Mike Nurse
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Linkages Between Community Forestry and Poverty

RECOFTC conducted a review of the linkages between community forestry and poverty, with an emphasis on Asia. The analysis shows that clear empirical evidence exists, demonstrating that community forestry has provided tangible benefits to poor people. However, the evidence is limited to a few cases and there is no clear indication that these benefits have been scaled-up across a wider range. This has been a general pattern across the whole development sector, not just within forestry.

Until recently, there have not been specific strategies for addressing poverty through community forestry. Rather, agendas have focused on indigenous people and improving the environment. The review demonstrates the large, untapped potential of community forestry to deliver poverty related outcomes and to scale-up these approaches.