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Prioritising support for locally controlled forest enterprises

01 Jan 2014
D. Macqueen, E. Andaya, S. Begaa, M. Bringas, M. Greijmans, T. Hill, S. Humphries, B. Kabore, T. Ledecq, T. Lissendja, A. Maindo, A. Maling, D. McGrath, S. Milledge, F. Pinto, N. Quang Tan, E. Tangem, S. Schons, B. Subedi
International Institute for Environment and Development
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Prioritising support for locally controlled forest enterprises

This book comprises detailed assessments of the likely impacts of small-enterprise support across different forest subsectors in eight countries. The work advances recommendations that are sometimes generic and sometimes linked to support for particular subsectors of locally controlled forest enterprises, including improving natural resource governance and tenure, as well as supporting investment in organization-building for forest and farm producer organisations. Additionally, this book argues that stronger support is needed for capacity development in business management and research into, and development of, appropriate mixes of enterprise options at the landscape level that restore the ecosystems upon which future prosperity will be based.