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Community forests: Centres of people power and networks of support. Annual Report 2019–2020

26 Aug 2021
Serial No.

This annual report covers the period from October 2019 to September 2020. It was a year of immense challenges. As the report is released, COVID-19 is still ravaging the Asia–Pacific region. People in the region continue to experience rising temperatures, erratic and extreme weather, and threats of food insecurity, flooding and other natural disasters.

The stories in this report show the principles of community forestry in action across the region. You will meet individuals and communities empowered by the benefits of community forestry. You will read about community forestry as a path for building back fairer and green now and after the pandemic and for achieving the Sustainable Development Goals and climate goals. Community forests are centres of people power and networks of support. When crisis strikes, they can make the difference between tragedy and resilience.