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1: Democratising Forest Business: A Compendium of Successful Locally Controlled Forest Business Organizations

Publication date01 Sep 2015
Editors(s)Duncan Macqueen; Anna Bolin; Martin Greijmans

Forests worldwide are home to approximately 1.3 billion people and must cater to the multiple needs of people - from providing local goods...

2: Effective Forest and Farm Producer Organizations

Publication date01 Sep 2015
Editors(s)Nick Pasiecznik; Herman Savenije
PublisherTropenbos International, Wageningen, the Netherlands

There is a growing consensus that producer organizations are critically important for the sustainable use of natural resources....

3: Forests under Pressure: Local Responses to Global Issues

Publication date01 Oct 2014
Editors(s)Pia Katila; Glenn Galloway; Wil de Jong; Pablo Pacheco; Gerardo Mery
PublisherInternational Union of Forest Research Organizations (IUFRO)

The new book Forests under Pressure: Local Responses to Global Issues is the third major publication produced by the Special Project World...

4: Introduction: The Rights-Based Agenda in International Forestry

Publication date01 Jul 2011
Author(s)Thomas Sikor; Johannes Stahl
Editors(s)Johannes Stahl

This is a review of a new book edited by Thomas Sikor and Johannes Stahl, Forests and People: Property, Governance, and Human Rights on the...