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1: Kebijakan Reforma Agraria dan Perhutanan Sosial di Indonesia: Refleksi dan Kontekstualisasi Kebijakan Pembangunan Nasional

Publication date21 Nov 2019
Author(s)Gamma Galudra, Eko Cahyono

Kembalinya isu agraria di ranah kebijakan nasional merupakan periode penting setelah berakhirnya Orde Baru. Kebijakan Reforma Agraria dan...

2: Institutionalization of Conflict Capability in the Management of Natural Resources: Theoretical Perspectives and Empirical Experience in Indonesia

Publication date01 Oct 2007
Author(s)Yurdi Yasmi
PublisherWageningen University

This paper explores the conflicts between badly-affected local communities and logging and mining companies and analyzes how such conflicts...