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1: Mainstreaming Gender into Forestry Interventions in Asia and the Pacific

Publication date01 Aug 2016

This training manual has thus been developed to enhance the knowledge and skills in gender mainstreaming, including gender analysis and the...

2: Improving Grassroots Equity in Forests and Climate Change Context: A Training Manual

Publication date01 Jul 2014
Author(s)Karen Edwards; Ronnakorn Triraganon; Rejani Kunjappan

The training manual on improving grassroots equity in the forests and climate change context, aims to develop the knowledge and capacity...

3: Natural Resource Governance Trainer's Manual

Publication date01 Sep 2011
Author(s)Patti Moore; Xuemei Zhang, Ronnakorn Triraganon
Editors(s)Prabha Chandran

Governance is the keystone of sound natural resource management. Its core principles - accountability, transparency, participation, and the...

4: Teaching Forest Policy Analysis

Publication date01 Jul 2010
Author(s)Cor Veer

This guide intends to assist forestry lecturers in Southeast Asia in developing their forest policy curricula with a particular focus on...

5: Participatory Management of Forests and Protected Areas - A Trainer's Manual

Publication date01 Jun 2008
Author(s)Sejal Worah
PublisherRECOFTC; MS-Training Centre for Development Cooperation

Opportunities for forest managers to gain knowledge and skills in participatory resource management processes are still limited. A recent...