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1: Preparatory Research Grants: Call for Concept Notes

Publication date14 Sep 2021

Explore is a research network and community of practice dedicated to expanding and applying knowledge on forest landscape governance in...

2: Forest monitoring and evaluation system manual to improve landscape governance in Viet Nam

Publication date28 Jul 2021
PublisherWWF-Viet Nam

WWF-Viet Nam, RECOFTC, and People and Nature Reconciliation (PanNature) have developed a comprehensive monitoring and evaluation system and...

3: Institutional Strengthening Training Curriculum

Publication date02 Sep 2019

The institutional Strengthening Training Curriculum have been used and adopt to the local context during the Scaling Up Community...

4: Mainstreaming Gender into Forestry Interventions in Asia and the Pacific

Publication date01 Aug 2016

This training manual has thus been developed to enhance the knowledge and skills in gender mainstreaming, including gender analysis and the...

5: FPIC trong REDD+: Sổ tay dành cho thúc đẩy viên viên cơ sở

Publication date01 Oct 2014

Ấn phẩm này được phát triển nhằm hỗ trợ cho các giảng viên và thúc đẩy viên địa phương. Đó là những người tham gia truyền tải về REDD+, tập...