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1: Forests and Climate Change After Warsaw: An Asia-Pacific Perspective

Publication date01 Apr 2014

The 19th Conference of Parties (COP) of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) was held in Warsaw, Poland,...

2: Forest Cover Change and Tenure: A Review of Global Literature

Publication date01 Nov 2011
PublisherHELVETAS Swiss Incorporation Nepal; Rights and Resources Initiative

In the REDD+ era, the issue of forest tenure has shot to the top of international forest policy agendas. Even beyond the issue of 'REDD...

3: The Role of Social Forestry in Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation in the ASEAN Region

Publication date01 May 2011

Recognizing the important role that people living in and around forests play in forest management for poverty reduction and environmental...

4: Forests and Climate Change After Cancun: An Asia-Pacific Perspective

Publication date01 Mar 2011
Editors(s)RECOFTC; FAO

The United Nations climate change talks in Cancun changed the shape of REDD+ negotiations and global forest policies. What effect will the...

5: Forest-Related Conflict: Impact, Links, and Measures to Mitigate

Publication date01 Sep 2008
Author(s)Ruben de Koning; Doris Capistrano; Yurdi Yasmi; Paolo Cerutti
PublisherRights and Resources Initiative; CIFOR, RECOFTC

Forest-based conflict is one of the major global challenges for the international forestry agenda together with poverty, climate change,...