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1: Forest Landscape Restoration for Asia-Pacific Forests

Publication date01 Mar 2016
Editors(s)Simmathiri Appanah

The Forest Landscape Restoration (FLR) approach, which is still in its nascent stages of development, is rapidly gaining attention as a...

2: Ensuring Women’s Participation in Forest Decision-Making: Annual report 2015-2016

Publication date01 Jan 2016

Community forestry – as promoted by RECOFTC – provides an effective and cross-cutting solution that is aligned with the SDGs. This includes...

3: Infographic: Equity in forests and climate change

Publication date01 Dec 2015

This two-part infographic explains the importance of social equity in forests and the basics on putting it into practice. The infographic...

4: Democratising Forest Business: A Compendium of Successful Locally Controlled Forest Business Organizations

Publication date01 Sep 2015
Editors(s)Duncan Macqueen; Anna Bolin; Martin Greijmans

Forests worldwide are home to approximately 1.3 billion people and must cater to the multiple needs of people - from providing local goods...

5: Grassroots Facilitators as Agents of Change for Promoting Sustainable Forest Management: Lessons Learned from REDD+ Capacity Development in Asia

Publication date01 Aug 2015
Author(s)Chandra Shekhar Silori; Kanchana Wiset; Bishnu Hari Poudyal; Than Vu

This article from the World Forestry Congress Proceeding aims to inform policy makers and other key stakeholders about issues and concerns...