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1: Forest Landscape Restoration for Asia-Pacific Forests

Publication date01 Mar 2016
Editors(s)Simmathiri Appanah

The Forest Landscape Restoration (FLR) approach, which is still in its nascent stages of development, is rapidly gaining attention as a...

2: Community Forestry and Community-based Forest Landscape Management for Safeguard Information Systems: An Important Existing Framework for Safeguard Information System Design, Implementation, Monitoring and Reporting

Publication date01 Sep 2014

Community forestry offers a tried and true model for approaching national Safeguard Information Systems (SIS) under REDD+. RECOFTC agrees...

3: Forests and Water: A Synthesis of the Contemporary Science and its Relevance for Community Forestry in the Asia–Pacific region

Publication date01 Mar 2014
Author(s)Don Gilmour

There is now a solid body of scientific information for understanding and interpreting the relationships between forests and water in both...

4: South Asia Forest Tenure Assessment

Publication date01 Feb 2012
Author(s)Ganga Ram Dahal; Krishna Adhikari

An increasing body of evidence shows that forest governance and tenure reforms are central to mitigating a number of problems related to...

5: Insight: Notes from the Field, Issue II

Publication date01 Jan 2007
Author(s)Mikaela Nilsson Rosander
Editors(s)Erica Lee
PublisherRECOFTC; Winrock International; ICRAF

A collection of practical experiences and lessons on Payments for Environmental Services (PES) This publication aims to facilitate the...