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1: Community Forestry Adaptation Roadmaps to 2020 for Asia

Publication date01 Nov 2014

There is a vast and unrecognized opportunity for community forestry to strengthen national resilience to climate change through...

2: Forests under Pressure: Local Responses to Global Issues

Publication date01 Oct 2014
Editors(s)Pia Katila; Glenn Galloway; Wil de Jong; Pablo Pacheco; Gerardo Mery
PublisherInternational Union of Forest Research Organizations (IUFRO)

The new book Forests under Pressure: Local Responses to Global Issues is the third major publication produced by the Special Project World...

3: South Asia Forest Tenure Assessment

Publication date01 Feb 2012
Author(s)Ganga Ram Dahal; Krishna Adhikari

An increasing body of evidence shows that forest governance and tenure reforms are central to mitigating a number of problems related to...

4: Forest Tenure and Policies in Lao PDR, National Workshop Proceedings

Publication date01 Nov 2011
Editors(s)RECOFTC; RRI; Ministry of Agriculture and Forest, Lao PDR

The workshop was attended by 89 participants representing government agencies, national assembly, civil society groups, and international...

5: Two Decades of Community Forestry in Nepal: What Have We Learned?

Publication date01 Nov 2011
Editors(s)Jane Carter; Bharat Pokharel; Rudriksha Rai Parajuli
PublisherNepal Swiss Community Forestry Project

Development projects conceived now are rarely expected to have a life of more than five years, perhaps ten years at most. Looking back over...