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1: Democratising Forest Business: A Compendium of Successful Locally Controlled Forest Business Organizations

Publication date01 Sep 2015
Editors(s)Duncan Macqueen; Anna Bolin; Martin Greijmans

Forests worldwide are home to approximately 1.3 billion people and must cater to the multiple needs of people - from providing local goods...

2: Prioritising support for locally controlled forest enterprises

Publication date01 Jan 2014
Editors(s)D. Macqueen, E. Andaya, S. Begaa, M. Bringas, M. Greijmans, T. Hill, S. Humphries, B. Kabore, T. Ledecq, T. Lissendja, A. Maindo, A. Maling, D. McGrath, S. Milledge, F. Pinto, N. Quang Tan, E. Tangem, S. Schons, B. Subedi
PublisherInternational Institute for Environment and Development

This book comprises detailed assessments of the likely impacts of small-enterprise support across different forest subsectors in eight...