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1: Introduction to forest landscape restoration

Publication date01 Oct 2020
Author(s)Lok Mani Sapkota, Trang Thu Hoang

This guide is for forestry practitioners from local communities, governments, the private sector, civil society and academia in Southeast...

2: Building resilience through community forestry: RECOFTC annual report, 2017-2019

Publication date22 May 2020

Read RECOFTC’s digital annual report, “Building resilience through community forestry.” This report covers the period October 2017 to...

3: Resilient Forest Landscapes: Empowered Communities, Strengthened Institutions and Shared Prosperity (Strategic Plan 2018 - 2023)

Publication date22 Aug 2018

RECOFTC New Five Year Strategic Plan The Asia-Pacific region displays some of the world’s most diverse landscapes: majestic forests, rich...

4: I am the Forest

Publication date27 Feb 2018

I am very glad to have this opportunity to be at the World Forestry Congress. My name is Theya Chaw from Layshi township, Khantee district,...

5: Mainstreaming Gender into Forestry Interventions in Asia and the Pacific

Publication date01 Aug 2016

This training manual has thus been developed to enhance the knowledge and skills in gender mainstreaming, including gender analysis and the...