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1: Building resilience through community forestry: RECOFTC annual report, 2017-2019

Publication date22 May 2020

Read RECOFTC’s digital annual report, “Building resilience through community forestry.” This report covers the period October 2017 to...

2: Climate Change Vulnerability Assessment Report: Developing a Demonstration Site in Nepal on Community Forestry, Gender and Climate Change Adaptation

Publication date01 Jul 2016
Author(s)Regan Suzuki Pairojmahakij; Chhote Lal Chowdhary

In this context, RECOFTC and USAID Adapt Asia-Pacific have developed a framework for better understanding and assessing climate change...

3: Optimizing the Role of Community Forestry to Achieve the Sustainable Development Goals through the ASEAN Cooperation on Food, Agriculture and Forestry

Publication date01 Jun 2016

Community Forestry (CF) can play a fundamental role in achieving nearly all the SDGs through its focus on improving livelihoods,...

4: Stories of Change (2009 - 2016)

Publication date01 May 2016

Since 2009 RECOFTC through the Grassroots for Capacity Building for REDD+ in Asia project have been working to develop capacities of local...

5: Social Equity in Community Forests: Two Case Studies from Nepal

Publication date01 Dec 2014
Author(s)Rabindra Roy; Chandra Shekhar Silori; Ajay Bhandari; Naya Sharma Paudel
Editors(s)ForestAction Nepal
PublisherForestAction Nepal

Social equity is the fairness of treatment of all concerned stakeholders according to an agreed set of principles, particularly in...