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76: Status of Community Based Forest Management in Lao PDR

Publication date01 Jan 2007
Author(s)Khamphay Manivong; Phouthone Sophathilath
Editors(s) Mikaela N. Rosander; Robert Oberndorf; Kenneth Burslem

This literature study, conducted under a collaborative framework between NAFRI and RECOFTC, was developed to analyze the status of...

77: Advances in Community Forestry in Asia

Publication date01 Feb 2005
Editors(s)Mike Nurse; Yam Malla

Community forestry has no doubt come a long way towards becoming part of mainstream forestry in some countries. However, its potential to...

78: Current Status of Community Forestry in Nepal

Publication date01 Jan 2005
Author(s)Dr. Keshav Raj Kanel

In The National Forest Plan of 1977, the poor and mountainous kingdom of Nepal recognized the need for the people’s participation in...