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1: Community Forestry Forum: Regulatory Frameworks for Community Forestry in Asia

Publication date01 Jan 2006
Author(s)Noelle O’Brien; Sam Matthews; Michael Nurse

The Regional Community Forestry Training Center for Asia and the Pacific hosted the First Regional Community Forestry Forum for the Asia...

2: Community Forestry in the Philippines

Publication date01 Dec 2005
Author(s)Dr. Juan M. Pulhin

Dr. Juan Pulhin reports how the forest sector is addressing this challenge with some ambitious targets that include: uplands poverty halved...

3: Is Community Forestry Open for Business?

Publication date01 Aug 2015
Author(s)Martin Greijmans; David Gritten

Community forestry (CF) has been seen as an optimal method for dealing with the many challenges facing forests in Asia-Pacific region. Many...

4: Advances in Community Forestry in Asia

Publication date01 Feb 2005
Editors(s)Mike Nurse; Yam Malla

Community forestry has no doubt come a long way towards becoming part of mainstream forestry in some countries. However, its potential to...

5: Linkages Between Community Forestry and Poverty

Publication date01 Oct 2004
Author(s)Don Gilmour, Yam Malla and Mike Nurse

RECOFTC conducted a review of the linkages between community forestry and poverty, with an emphasis on Asia. The analysis shows that clear...