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We are growing community forestry in the region


RECOFTC’s 132 team members partnered with 166 organizations and 56,197 households. We invested almost 3 million hours to help communities and countries achieve sustainable development and climate change goals by strengthening community forestry and tenure rights. Together, we contributed to the growth of community forest areas, the foundation for achieving many of the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations 2030 Agenda and the Paris Agreement.

Number of CF

Our teams organized more than 1,000 events and reached more than 20,000 people through training, learning events, workshops, study tours and technical support to strengthen lives and landscapes across the Asia-Pacific. Forty percent of the participants were women, Indigenous Peoples and other marginalized groups. More than 500 held leadership positions within community forest user groups. 

Where we work

Our partnerships extended from multilateral institutions to governments, the private sector, non-governmental organizations and local communities. A trusted broker in the Asia-Pacific, we combined diverse funding sources to implement 11 flagship projects and many other initiatives.

Donors and partners

We continue to be financially sustainable, providing secure jobs for employees, secure investment for donors and reliable services for partners and communities. During 2017–2019, we received a total revenue of US$18.42 million including funds from core donors, projects and other income sources. Over the two years covered by this report, we experienced a growth of 65.3 percent in our project-based and other income sources. 

Financial streams