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The Awareness raising workshop on FLEGT VPAs, REDD+ and Timber Legality Definition in Forest Governance and Forest law for the local government officers and local community

First time local villagers from Nam Poui National Protected Area participate in forest governance discussions with provincial and district authorities
Working group

Local villagers from around Nam Poui National Protected Area discussed with Agriculture and Forestry Office at the provincial and district level for the first time about FLEGT VPAs, REDD+, Timber Legality Definition and other important issues and impacts on implementation of the Prime Minister's Order 15 (PMO15).

Participants of the workshop on 12-14 February in the Paklai District, Xayabouli Province, included representatives from Ban Yai Navene, Ban Nakhayang, Ban Pakmouang, Ban Hartdai, Ban Khane and Ban Nalae villages. Khamkueng Phanlak, Head Deputy of Provincial Agriculture and Forestry Office, said, “I’m very proud of this workshop because it is the first outreach program. Voices for Mekong Forests project can build our understanding and basic knowledge of forest governance, especially for villagers. It is important we disseminate the information on these topics on a wider scale.”

During the workshop, participants identified four challenges the villages were facing about managing their local forests. These issues included prior control, implementation of forest law at the village level, gender quality and inclusion of women in forest governance and the lack of economic opportunities in villages to deter illegal logging.

Participants plan to use their discussion at the workshop to develop action plans for each village. The workshop was funded by the European Union through the Voices for Mekong Forests project.