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About RECOFTC Learning

The old parable goes that if one plants a single seed in the mind, then an idea, a movement, can sprout. Education is indeed the fundamental basis of change in our world, an art with broad implications.

The Center for People and Forests – RECOFTC has acknowledged the importance of building educational and training capacities for the past thirty years, developing a world – class approach to community forestry pedagogy that continues to evolve.  At the core of our approach, however, is a belief that thoughtful reflection should guide the process.  RECOFTC’s learning approach therefore aims to develop capacities by engaging with the trainer’s own experience, placing previous systems of knowledge within a highly interactive system.

Each individual course is built on the principles of participatory learning and developed from adult learning modules, which are used to guide participants in a process of experiential learning. Such learning often times takes the form of visits to field sites, case studies, or presentations from experts in the training room or the field. By conducting our trainings as such, we seek to encourage contributions from all participants, tapping into a depth of varied experience.  From this mutual collaboration then comes the opportunity to reflect, refine, and categorize newly acquired knowledge within a participant’s larger understanding of the landscape and the role community forestry plays within this landscape.

Customized Courses

To further the practicality and reach of our learning courses and training programs, The Center offers customized courses upon request, utilizing the same principles outlined in our institutional philosophy. To tailor a specific course, please contact for more information. Through this process, you can:

Develop the right course for your specific needs. The Center has created specialized training programs for a wide range of partners, including nongovernment organizations, community groups, private sector actors, academics, and government officials among many others. This diverse cast has allowed The Center to develop a flexible and evidence based approach to developing curricula.
Courses range from half-day workshops to multiple-year capacity development projects.  

Tailor the course to your context. Each curriculum can be adapted to address specific issues and contexts, from the international to the national to the local level. As a designer, you also have the ability to selectively adopt sections from pre-existing curriculum in our repertoire.

Choose your own location and language. Course can be conducted at RECOFTC’s Bangkok facilities or in your home country. We deliver training programs in national languages by collaborating with experienced national trainings and national training organizations.


Issue based, collaborative, and reflective.

Our training course are facilitated by leading experts in the fields of community forestry, forest governance, social inclusion, and related topics, ensuring that each course is indeed issue based, collaborative, and reflective.

Building off of these three principles, our trainers apply theories of experiential learning to community forestry education, structuring courses around action-oriented procedures. This enables participants to apply their learning in the workplace environment and contemplate what activities work for their specific context. Visit our training page to see the full list of upcoming trainings.


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Other Resources

As part of our larger initiative to provide evidence-based, participatory learning techniques to actors across the Asia-Pacific region, we maintain a curated list of training resources that can be accessed by interested users

Online Learning

Coinciding with our Learning Resources initiative is a vision to provide educational access to a larger contingency of actors. In recent years, RECOFTC has sought to do this by expanding our internal e-learning capacities through the development of targeted e-learning modules.

RECOFTC is repurposing our rich history of training expertise to fit the needs of a rapidly changing digital landscape. Our strategic plan for online learning includes:

  • Full online instruction that is self paced and/or instructed
  • Blended approach of online and face-to-face instruction
  • Face-to-face training (as traditionally conducted by RECOFTC) to be followed-up with next level training , or mentoring  or support for trainees via e-learning course
  • Online modules on basic forestry topics ( e.g. Community Forestry 101)

USAID LEAF Climate Change Curriculum

In 2015 the USAID LEAF Climate Change Curriculum was placed with RECOFTC, and will soon be moved to a new RECOFTC online learning module.