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RECOFTC’s Learning Gateway is your entry point to e-learning, in-person training, contextual learning, toolkits, guides, manuals and the most comprehensive library dedicated to community forestry in the Asia-Pacific region. Based on decades of experience in capacity-building, RECOFTC’s resources can equip you to inspire change, build resilience to the world’s most pressing challenges and contribute to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations 2030 Agenda for poverty, hunger, environment, climate change and gender equality. All through the window of community forestry. If you can’t find what you need, ask us for help. Capacity building for resilience is what we do.


Carolyn A. Esmenda, Chief, Conservation and Development Section, Department of Environment and Natural Resources, Philippines

I had a great time learning with this course. The readings are accessible, and concepts are easy to understand. The activities and assessments enhance and reinforce the ideas and learnings. I am grateful I took it and recommend it.

Ritika Bhardwaj

It’s a marvellous course! By teaching the basic concepts of community forestry, the course will inspire you to explore forests in a broader sense.

Roshan Khan, Program Intern, Rainforest Partnership, Texas USA

This course taught me so much. The knowledge I gained was key to writing my senior thesis and will help me with my plans for a career in conservation after graduation. Thank you RECOFTC!

 Hnin Phyu Sin, Student, MSc in Environmental Risk and Human Security, United Nations University - Institute for Environment and Human Security, Germany/Myanmar

It was satisfying to take this online course because I could reflect on my learning progress using a workbook and a guided assignment. I look forward to more RECOFTC courses such as this one.

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