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19 Jun 2020
A RECOFTC survey on how COVID-19 pandemic has affected forest communities in Thailand found that many face rising living costs, reduced incomes and...
12 Mar 2020
RECOFTC today launched the Knowledge Tree, a tool for decision making for effective, efficient and equitable social forestry. This interactive...

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The Learning Center contains frequently asked questions about community forestry, our current training schedule, as well as additional online learning material and courses.

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Stories of Change
Họ là những người đã có nhiều năm tham gia các hoạt động phát triển sinh kế cộng đồng, bảo vệ rừng, bảo tồn cảnh quan rừng ở khu vực Đông Nam Á....
Special Report
Big changes are underway in forests of the Mekong region in Southeast Asia. Countries are cracking down on illegal logging, increasing community...

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Stories of Change
Stories of Change
Stories of Change

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