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Mission and values

RECOFTC is an international nonprofit organization working towards a future where resilient communities with respected rights thrive in forest landscapes that they manage sustainably and equitably. We take a long-term, landscape-based and inclusive approach in supporting local communities to secure their land and resource rights, stop deforestation, find alternative livelihoods and foster gender equality. With more than 36 years of experience, we have built trusting relationships with partners from communities, governments, businesses, academia and civil society organizations. Our innovations, knowledge and initiatives enable countries to foster good forest governance, mitigate and adapt to climate change and achieve the UN Global Goals.  

We operate in the Asia-Pacific region, with country offices in Cambodia, Indonesia, Lao PDR, Myanmar, Nepal, Thailand and Viet Nam. 

Our Values

Our core values are the foundation of our culture and guide all our work. We: 

  • Embrace innovation
  • Adapt to and learn from challenges
  • Collaborate with partners and stakeholders
  • Nurture commitment, responsibility and ownership
  • Prioritize sustainability
  • Cultivate participation, social inclusion and gender equity
  • Prioritise wellbeing