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03 Nov 2022
Two new five-year ecotourism development plans will improve incomes in forest and fishery communities while contributing to sustainable resources...
31 May 2022
RECOFTC launched new activities on 21 April 2022 as part of a project to restore and protect the Tonle Sap ecosystem. The project will involve 13...


នៅសាលប្រជុំមន្ទីរកសិកម្ម រុក្ខាប្រមាញ់ និងនេសាទ ខេត្តពោធិ៍សាត់
សណ្ឋាគារកំពង់ធំរ៉ូយ៉ាល់ ខេត្តកំពង់ធំ
សាលប្រជុំនៃមន្ទីរកសិកម្ម រុក្ខាប្រមាញ់ និងនេសាទ ខេត្តស្ទឹងត្រែង

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Stories of Change
When a local businessman tried to seize part of the O’Plovlok community’s forest land in Cambodia’s Kampong Thom Province in January 2021, local...
Special Report
This Special Report provides a foundational understanding of the development of different models of community forestry in Cambodia through the voices...