RAFT 3 - Lao PDR
RAFT 3 seeks to improve capacities amongst key stakeholders to ensure more a sustainable and legal forest management and trade

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23 Dec 2017
ປະຊຸມກັບຊາວບ້ານ ເພື່ອວາງແຜນໃນອານາຄົດ ກ່ຽວກັບການປູກ ແລະ ທຸລະກິດຂະໜາດນ້ອຍໄມ້ສັກ ລະຫວ່າງຊາວບ້ານກັບໂຮງ ຊອຍຜູ້ເກັບຊື້, ທີ່ຫ້ວຍຊາຍ, ແຂວງບໍ່ແກ້ວ...

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Stories of Change
A story of teak farmers, smallholders and local government in Lao PDR who work together to ensure they can manage and benefit from their teak. This...