Financing Forest Landscape Restoration: A Puzzle Worth Solving

12 March 2018
Jeffrey Williamson
It is important to think of the big picture when looking at FLR. That is why Jeffrey Williamson of RECOFTC interviewed recent participants of our dialogue and tried to solve the puzzle.
Notes from the Field
The Center for People and Forests

Oftentimes, as an industry, we find ourselves at a crossroads: there are multiple ideas floating around and multiple avenues to take, yet unfortunately, the financing isn't available. RECOFTC realizes that a major challenge with this so called "availability" is not access, but rather communication and connection. To help address this problem, RECOFTC hosted a regional policy dialogue along with IUCN and FAO in March. The dialogue, called "Connecting Finance and Policy: Forest Landscape Restoration in Southeast Asia," was an exploratory event that brought together the private sector, government officials, and civil society organizations.

It was well received and the discussions were enlightening. To capture this, we put together a testimonial that symbolizes the purpose of the event: to connect finance and policy circles. Read our engaging testimonial puzzle below to learn more about why we conducted this dialogue, what happened, and what future gaps were identified. And if you are interested in the event, read more here! 

RECOFTC is excited to continuously build on partnerships and connect all the puzzle pieces together in our mission for a more fair and just world! Thank you to all who participated.