In Focus
The video describes the teak value chain from timber growing, felling and forwarding to road, road transport to sawing and drying. The Forinfo...
In Focus
Can local communities still benefit from teak trees located in relatively steep slopes? RECOFTC's ForInfo project funded by the Ministry for Foreign...
Talk of the Forest
A look at the role of women in forest management in Thailand and Cambodia. The video was produced by the GREEN Mekong Project with support from USAID.
In Focus
What is equity? How is it different from equality? This video clip produced by RECOFTC's GREEN Mekong project with support from USAID explains the...
Notes from the Field
RECOFTC video highlighting the need to invest in local communities to achieve sustainable forest management. The video was launched at the World...
In Focus
This video demonstrates equipment and techniques for the safe and efficient harvesting of teak and bamboo.
Stories of Change
This short video puts on view our work in the Mekong region and an approach to prioritize the development of provincial and local forestry officials’...
Talk of the Forest
Gender Equity is an important aspect to the United Nation's REDD+ initiative, as shown in this video production
As a follow-up to the 20th Conference of Parties (COP20), which took place in Lima, Peru on 1-12 December 2014, RECOFTC – The Center for People and...