Empowering Indigenous and local community youth for a sustainable world

Aug 11

RECOFTC, the Rights and Resources Initiative, the Asia Indigenous Youth Platform and the Asia Indigenous Peoples Pact and partners are organizing a virtual event to celebrate International Youth Day. At the event, youth from Indigenous and local communities across the Asia-Pacific region will share their unique perspectives, experiences and expertise on activism, land rights and sustainable land management. 

The event will highlight the importance of intergenerational knowledge passed down from elders that enable youth from Indigenous and local communities to live sustainably, in harmony with nature.  

Youth is the driving force behind environmental conservation, serving as land and environment defenders and advocating for their rights over their territories. Their active participation and empowerment are important in achieving an inclusive, just and sustainable society. 

The event will foster meaningful dialogue, promote intergenerational connections and cultivate a collaborative environment.  

Register to attend the event no later than 10 August 2023.