Revisiting Exemplary Forest Management Case Studies in Asia and the Pacific

Nov 20
Bangkok, Thailand

RECOFTC, in collaboration with the Wyss Academy for Nature and the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, will organize the regional workshop for forestry experts from the Asia-Pacific region to discuss selected forest management case studies in the region and prepare a synthesis of the findings. 

The workshop will discuss the findings of eleven case studies across ten countries in the Asia and Pacific region, reflect commonalities and differences, and draw lessons learned in forest management in the past two decades. The workshop will contribute to the development of regional synthesis, highlighting enabling conditions for sustainable forest management in the current environment, identifying key changes in forest management approaches and practices over time, and reflecting on factors that have driven or necessitated these changes.

Findings from this initiative will inform and guide the development and implementation of projects undertaken in support of sustainable forest management by FAO and partners worldwide.