Learning Resources


  • Gamestorming: A Playbook for Innovators, Rule Breakers and Change Makers
    Dave Gray, Sunni Brown and James Macanufo. 2010
    A great book for new inspirational ideas and methods to engage in different ways for divergence, mutual understanding and convergence

  • The World Café: Shaping our futures through conversations that matter
    Brown et al. 2005
    An interesting reference with key ideas of how to facilitate engaging conversations using powerful  questions

  • Participatory Learning and Action: A trainer's guide
    Jules N Pretty, Irene Guijt, John Thompson, Ian Scoones, IIED. 1995
    Designed for both experienced and new trainers who have an interest in training others in the use of participatory methods

  • Creative training
    Voluntary Services Overseas, International Institute for Rural Reconstruction popular
    Education for People’s Empowerment, Philippines, 1998
    Creative training techniques including role play, workshop activities, art and crafty games and challenges to bringing diverse people together and encouraging participation and teamwork.



  • How To Design A Great Training Program - Part 1&2
    This video focuses totally on the first of 6 keys you can use to create great training

  • Cathy Moore, Training Design Expert
    Training and Design Expert, Cathy Moore talks about how important is it for learners to learn from their own experiences and shares her top tip for designing effective e-learning

  • Participatory Learning and Action: a three-minute introduction
    Enabling communities to participate in planning and implementing their own development is a priority and the video describes the evolution and key issues