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1: Appropriate Small-scale Forest Harvesting Technologies for Southeast Asia: A Guidebook for Southeast Asia

Publication date01 Feb 2016

This guidebook - accompained by a series of factsheets - on appropriate harvesting and transport technologies highlights the available...

2: Ensuring Women’s Participation in Forest Decision-Making: Annual report 2015-2016

Publication date01 Jan 2016

Community forestry – as promoted by RECOFTC – provides an effective and cross-cutting solution that is aligned with the SDGs. This includes...

3: Appropriate Forest Harvesting Technologies

Publication date01 Jan 2015

This is a presentation which covers why community forestry practitioners should be concerned with forest harvesting and the appropriate...

4: Innovations in Community Carbon Accounting and Forest-land Management in Karen Villages in Northern Thailand

Publication date01 Jun 2014
Author(s)The Indigenous Knowledge and Peoples Network (IKAP)

In Southeast Asia, shifting cultivation is still predominantly practiced by the poorest segment of the population. Around 40 million people...

5: International Knowledge Sharing and Learning Workshop on Forest and Land Tenure

Publication date29 Aug 2012
PublisherRECOFTC; The National Assembly of Lao PDR; RRI

An international workshop on Forest and Land Tenure Reform was held in Vientiane on 28-29 August, 2012. The workshop was hosted by the...